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Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
hollywood types are with their new technology yeah, it's all a trade secret. so, what's with all the trees? you guys got a dog with a lazy bladder or something? (laughs) it's for christmas! oh, that! what's the big deal? oh, what isn't wonderful about christmas? we love the decorations. and we love exchanging presents. but most of all we love the way it brings your friends together hahah got it. it's not fair. why do they get a nice, family meal? well maybe if you hadnt't lied to her, you'd be in there too you big jerk! ok, now you're talking to yourself. you've got to tell her the truth. remember back when you were a boy scout? the oath you took? a scout is honest. but, what if she's scared of me? so you're just going to keep lying? what kind of friend does that? i'll work up to it. i'll tell her when the time is right? what? (sniffs) man that stuffing looks good. think they use real chestnuts? you know what's good? a little sage and roasted garlic blended in. hmmm! i gotta pull myself together. yuck! coconut! is that the end of the food? i think so, yes. i've never seen anyone eat
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1